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Products > Laminating Machine > Water Base Laminator > SRFM-720A/900AManual Water Base Laminator
Product name : SRFM-720A/900AManual Water Base Laminator
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 SRFM serial manual water-base laminator is a well-designed laminating machine which adopts water-base conservational glue and B0PP or PET film for lamination. The machine adopts imported frequency converterfor infinitely variable speed, and is also furnished with I.R. Drying tubes, auto film cutter, paper-out protector, automatic glue supplying system, film perforating device and the trolley for quick winding. It has the features of high speed and energy conservation, and is widely applied for the lamination of books, wall calendar, hand bag, gift box and wine packing box etc.

APPLICATIONS:SRFM serial manual water-base laminator is a well-designed laminating machine which adopts

1. It adopts conservational water-base glue and BOPP film or PET film to laminate paper products. 

2. Manual paper feeding 

3. SCHNEIDER frequency converter is equipped for infinitely variable speed, and the operator can change the machine’s speed easily and guarantee the machine’s running stable.

4. Paper regulating plate can move left and right, and regulates manual paper feeding. 

5. Glue supplying system supplies and recycles water-base glue automatically.

6. Dip coating saves glue and homogenizes coating much better.

7. Film cutter cuts film width to make it meet paper size. The cut film is left on the film release spindle.

8. Film perforating wheel perforates film edge for the automatic cut of laminated paper.

9. Automatic paper winder rolls up laminated paper. Winding speed is adjustable upon applications.

10. Phillip IR drying lamp is equipped for smooth working in humid and cold climate.

11. No paper protector stops the machine’s running when no paper occurs in paper conveying. 

12. The winded paper is supported by a trolley, and then put on cutting machine for quick automatic cut, or cut by manual work. 

Model SRFM-720A SRFM-900A
Max Paper Width 670mm 850mm
Paper Thickness 80-500g/m2 80-500g/m2
Max Laminating Speed 40m/min 40m/min
Voltage/Frequeney 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Total Power 2.5kw 3kw
Total Weight 800kg 900kg
Overall Dimensions 2500*1450*1700mm 2500*1700*1800mm



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